The story so far...

PLUS MANY MORE was started in 2003 in a smoke filled downstairs room, consisting of its three and still standing members, Luke "Kingston" Kingsley playing guitar, Adam "The Gooods" Lagudi abusing the 5th stringed bass guitar and Andrew "Woody" Wood hitting the drums. It hasn't always been easy sailing for this trio of musicians, with more than enough 2nd guitarists slipping through the ranks, each putting their own influence to the band, ranging from Matthew "Russey" Russel who turned his SKA influence on the band, trying to turn everything into a up-stroke gank, from the man who COULDN'T strum upwards on the guitar even if it was to save his own life, Andrew "Beanie" Petini and last but not least, Chris "Crispy" Rollason, who not only made significant changes to the band, ranging from song writing to trying to change the name and playing most gigs with LESS PUNK(?) and more grunge-metal based songs, but alas, the fire was still burning deep and strong in these three young Punkers making PLUS MANY MORE what it is today, hard hitting , ear bleeding fun. 

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